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Full Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Since 1957, Anderson & Associates has determined the cause of thousands of metal failures. Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled, operating in a laboratory specifically designed for failure analysis. With each analysis comes thorough supporting documentation complete with high-quality images.
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At the heart of a metallurgical investigation is the metallographic examination. Our laboratory includes state-of-the-art imaging equipment and experienced technicians capable of producing textbook-quality photomicrographs.

Our microhardness testers measure the hardness of specific metallurgical features as shown in a polished cross section. The type of cracking is identified by its morphology.

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Stress Analysis
Anderson & Associates is equipped to conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and strain gage testing. FEA can be used to determine high stress points due to operating loads. Strain gage testing can be used to verify FEA. Reciprocating compressor pistons, orthopedic implants, high pressure valves and drilling rig structures are some of the components analyzed using FEA.
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Routine Mechanical Testing
Anderson & Associates can machine and conduct all basic mechanical tests, from tensile tests to Charpy V-notch impact tests. Virtually any test required to ensure material integrity can be performed at our facility.
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Advanced Mechanical Testing
At our disposal are two servo-hydraulic test frames that make it possible to perform fracture mechanics tests including:

   · CTOD per ASTM E1290, ASTM E1890 and BS7448
   · J-R and JIC per ASTM E813 and ASTM E1820
   · KIC per ASTM E399 and ASTM 1820
   · T0 per ASTM E-1921
(Reference temperature determination for master-curve based transition temperature projections)

Fatigue testing of materials can be performed under both load control and strain control conditions. All samples can be expertly prepared in our machine shop.

We have the mechanical and metallurgical talent available to expertly conduct product testing, designing tests that accurately simulate the product environment.
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In-House Machine Shop Icon Image
In-House Machine Shop
Our in-house machine shop provides quick, accurate and traceable sample preparation. Four band saws are used for cutting down large metal samples. Three mills are used daily in the production of test specimens. A lathe is dedicated to the production of tensile specimens.
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Metallurgical Consulting Services
Anderson & Associates is one of the most respected names in metallurgical consulting services. Our decades of experience and diverse expertise make us a trusted resource for advice, guidance and analytical services across a broad spectrum of industries and issues. Whatever challenge you face, a call to Anderson & Associates is your first step toward resolution.

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Full Metallurgical Failure Analysis Image

Texas State Board of Professional Engineers. Registration # F-816
ISO 9001-2015 Certified

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